The Personal Ordinariate
of Our Lady of Walsingham

promoting the unity of all Christians with the Apostolic See

A Litany of the Scottish Saints

God the Father

Have mercy on us

God the Son

Have mercy on us

God the Holy Spirit

Have mercy on us

Holy, blessed and glorious Trinity

Have mercy on us

By the greatness of your love

Good Lord, deliver us

By your coming in the flesh

Good Lord, deliver us

By your dying for your people

Good Lord, deliver us

By your rising to new life

Good Lord, deliver us

By your gift of the Spirit

Good Lord, deliver us

By the prayers of the whole company of heaven

Draw us to yourself

As you, called Mary to be the Mother of the Lord

Sanctify our wills

As you were glorified in St Ninian, bringer of good tidings

Lighten our darkness

As you empowered St Columba, apostle of our land

Give us your grace

As you gave courage to St Donnan and his Companions

Strengthen our weakness

As you received the worship of St Kentigern,
Mungo, the loved one

Deepen our love

As you advanced your kingdom
through the work of St Margaret, mother and queen

Fill us with zeal

As you build up your church by the witness and prayers
of St Andrew the Apostle

Renew us in faith

Guide and protect your Church,
fill us all with love and truth,
and grant us that unity which is your will

Lord, hear our prayer

Make us bold to preach the Gospel in all the world,
and to make disciples of all the nations

Lord, hear our prayer

Enlighten your ministers of the Gospel
with understanding and bless their work

Lord hear our prayer

May they be instruments of your peace,
proclaimers of your truth and bearers of your love

Lord hear our prayer

May all your people hear and receive your word
and bring forth the fruit of the Spirit

Lord hear our prayer

Uphold the weak, raise up those who fall
and strengthen us all by your power

Lord hear our prayer

Bring to the departed eternal rest

Lord hear our prayer

Saint Donnan of Eigg

St Donnan
and his
Companion Martyrs

St Donnan,
like St Columba of Iona,
also left his native Ireland
to come over the Irish Sea
to Scotland,
where he established a monastery
on the Island of Eigg,
one of the islands
of the Inner Hebrides,
off the west coast of Scotland.

While celebrating
the Holy Mysteries
on Easter Morning
in the year 617 AD
the Abbot and his Monks
were surprised
by a horde of pirates,
possibly Danes, who
- according to tradition -
had been persuaded
by a malicious woman
to attack them
and to put them to death.

St Donnan and his Monks
pleaded with the pirates
to delay their dreadful plans
untill after Mass was finished.
The pirates granted their request,
and as soon
as the Mass had ended,
put them all to death by the sword.
The martyrs numbered
fifty-three in total.

Many churches around Scotland
were dedicated to St Donnan.
Among them:
Kildonan of Eigg,
South Uist,
and Lochbroom.

On the Island of Eigg,
the island of his martyrdom,
there is a well
dedicated to St Donnan.

His Abbot's Staff
existed up to the Reformation
and was treasured at Auchterless,
in Aberdeenshire,
where the "Donan Fair" was held
as late as 1851.
Another fair used to be held
at Kildonan, in Sutherland.

The feast of
St Donnan
and his
Companion Martyrs

is on 17th April.

you sent Saint Ninian and Saint Columba to the people of Scotland
to proclaim the faith delivered to Saint Andrew and Saint Peter, the Apostles.

May the work they began be renewed in this land and continue to prosper.

Help us to live up to the call you have given us,
so that we may bear witness to the truth in the bonds of peace and love.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.